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Customizing Hydrogen Project inside Weaverse Studio

Published on Nov 20, 2023, updated 6 months ago

Customizing your Hydrogen project within Weaverse Studio is a user-friendly experience. The editor is equipped with various components, each designed to provide a comprehensive editing and customization process. Below, we walk through the essential parts of the Weaverse Studio editor.

Locale Selector, Page Selector

Begin your customization process by selecting the appropriate locale and the page you want to edit. This feature ensures that you’re making changes in the correct language and on the intended page.


Page Outline

The page outline provides a structured view of your page elements.


Device Switcher, Inspector Activator

Additionally, the device switcher allows you to preview your page on different devices, and the inspector activator enables detailed inspections of your components.


Component Inspector

Explore and modify the properties of each component in your page. The component inspector offers an interface to tweak settings, styles, and other component-specific configurations.



The toolbar houses a collection of utilities and shortcuts that enhance your editing experience, providing quick access to commonly used functions and settings.


Project Settings, Global Theme Settings

Manage overarching configurations such as theme settings and project-level options. This centralized location ensures easy access to global customization options.


Theme Info

Access and view essential metadata about your theme, such as the name, version, author, and other pertinent details.

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