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No more juggling multiple eCommerce tools, wrestling with Shopify integrations or grinding through code maintenance. With Weaverse, Shopify developers build seamlessly extensible and joyfully maintainable Hydrogen storefronts.



The Future Of Shopify Technology

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Hydrogen is an innovative framework that combines the power of Shopify's entire infrastructure with rich components to make building custom storefronts with Shopify hassle-free.

Hydrogen’s counterpart is Oxygen, the serverless hosting platform designed by Shopify to maintain server infrastructure and enable easy deployment of Hydrogen storefronts. Oxygen guarantees lightning-fast, globally available storefronts that securely integrate with the Shopify ecosystem, eliminating the need for costly third-party hosting tools.



Today, Hydrogen is used in production at Allbirds, Shopify Supply, Shopify Hardware, and Shopify itself. So if there is any signal heralding that Hydrogen and Oxygen are the next big step for Shopify, this is it. Learn more.

Winter 2023

Winter 2023

By winter 2023, Oxygen will be available on all plans except Starter, providing lightning-fast, globally available storefronts that seamlessly integrate with the Shopify ecosystem - providing a powerful solution to headless commerce implementation that is accessible for both technical and non-technical users alike.

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As Hydrogen is a code-heavy initiative, any changes to the front-end layer require a developer's expertise - which curbs non-developers from making edits or adding content to the storefront

Weaverse makes headless commerce more accessible to non-technical users with out-of-the-box Hydrogen-based components. Whether it's a storytelling-infused storefront or an immersive shopping experience, anyone can drag n drop to build it, without compromising speed, performance, and maintainability.

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Growth Engine

For Shopify Developers

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With Hydrogen, developers need a strong technical foundation to get all benefits of going headless, which might erect a steep learning curve for many.

Designed to circumvent this shortcoming, Weaverse allows developers to effortlessly leverage the best of Hydrogen and Oxygen with pre-built Hydrogen templates and middleware - eliminating the complexity and code-heavy gruntwork involved.

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Democratize Headless Commerce

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Hydrogen has democratized headless commerce, making it accessible to all types of brands, not just those with deep pockets for dev resources. However, the biggest roadblock is the minimal app support.

Weaverse expands the Hydrogen support ecosystem with the necessary documentation, third-party apps, and APIs to help developers work faster and smarter, unleashing the full benefits of Hydrogen in mere hours.

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Making headless commerce implementation less threatening for Shopify developers, and more accessible for non-technical users.
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