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How To Add Videos To Your Section

Published on Nov 20, 2023, updated 4 months ago

Adding videos in Weaverse is easy, here’s how you do it.

Add the video element

Open Weaverse’s element library. Click and drag the "Video" element to the desired location on your page.

A smart grid will appear to guide you to where the element can be placed. Freely resize the element to fit your design - just like how you do it in PowerPoint.

Set Up Your Video Source

  1. Click on the Video element to open the settings panel.

  2. In the settings panel, you just need to add your video by URL. If your video is on YouTube, add the YouTube link.

  3. If you want to upload your own video, then go to Content > Files > Upload File. Once you upload your video, copy the URL and add it to the URL box in the Video element’s settings.

  4. You can also spice up your video by adding a border to it - using our standard Styling options. Go to the Styling Panel on the top right corner of your editor and tweak the styling options to your preference.

That’s it. Enjoy!

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