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Is Weaverse a new Headless CMS?

Published on Nov 20, 2023, updated a month ago

Is Weaverse a new Headless CMS?

Weaverse is not a Headless CMS. It's essential to distinguish between a CMS and a website builder. Weaverse stands out as a low-code/no-code website builder platform crafted to construct the "head" in the headless commerce world. We hold the distinction of being the first and exclusive Theme Customizer tailored for Shopify Hydrogen, accelerating the Shopify Headless development journey. You can seamlessly integrate Weaverse with any headless CMS, such as Sanity or Contentful, and also with third-party API sources, notably the Shopify Storefront API.

Some might refer to Weaverse as the "frontend composer" for composable commerce. Our platform harnesses advanced tech stacks, including Hydrogen, Remix, and NextJS, empowering users to craft React commerce components. This provides unmatched flexibility to customize, extend, and reuse components across various projects. In essence, Weaverse offers developers and agency teams a powerful tool to create, expand, and sustain projects efficiently. Plus, merchants receive an intuitive platform to effectively oversee their storefronts.

Is Weaverse a Theme Customizer, Page Builder, or Visual Editor?

It embodies the MAYA principle.

At Weaverse, MAYA is our guiding philosophy. Our platform mirrors the user-friendliness and familiarity of the Shopify Online Store Theme Customizer, from its user interface to its section-based mechanism with schema definition support — that's the "acceptable" part. But where we push the envelope is with our advanced tech: Weaverse is tailored for Hydrogen/Remix. This means instead of settling for slower Liquid websites, you get a site that's not just rapid, but also flexible and advanced — every e-commerce entrepreneur's dream.

WEAVERSE - The Most Advanced Yet Acceptable Product

To delve deeper into the MAYA principle, check out this in-depth article. ​

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